Armillary Games

AstroNavigators is a strategic worker placement and race board game, using a real star map linking our position on Earth to the stars.

Find the right instrument to read the stars!

Greetings, Astronavigator!

Play as one of the 7 different continent astro-avatars, each with their different observation skill sets based on their identity and cultural background. Collect moon phase, constellation and planet observations by travelling the world based on timed planning and anticipation.

Once you possess enough navigation knowledge and have triggered an astronaut skill with your hidden agenda, head to the launchpad and race for the Moon!

You win the game by scoring the most reputation points, based on solved quests for instruments, completing hidden agenda’s, left over knowledge points and race ranking.

Players: 1-4 | Time: 30min (per player) | Age: 10+

Which astro-avatar will you choose?

Prepare your hidden agenda!

Observe, travel and plan your turns carefully

Calibrate your spaceship and land on the Moon!